Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vance and the Baby Abby

Okay I know these pictures are a little dark but there's a funny story that goes with them so I had to post them. My friend, Becca, came over with her new baby Abby and her husband the other night. First of all, Vance is obsessed with Becca. We saw ran into her once at Walmart and now every time we go, he says, "Becca, Becca," right when we walk through the doors. Well, we had Abby on the couch and he just wanted to lay right by her and kept giving her kisses. Then he started trying to hold her so we proped her in his lap and he immediately was so still. He had this look on his face like, "I can't belive this happening to me," and he didn't move an inch. It was so PRECIOUS!! As soon as we picked her up, he was back to his normal, dancing, crazy self. I can't WAIT to see him with our new little girl.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Belated Birthday Pics!

Vance turned 2 on September 20th. I just can't believe it. We had a nice little party for him with about 7 of his friends, which was a good crowd. We basically let the kids run wild for a couple hours since 2 year olds don't really like structure. My friend made the cake to go along with the Tonka Truck theme and it was so cute. She's really good. Unfortunately, Vance couldn't have that cake so we made one just for him. Even though he really didn't like his cake, we had a good laugh watching him spit it out all over. Poor thing!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh my gosh!

Okay so I had my ultrasound today and everthing looks good! The baby is right on track and I am 20 weeks along. We got a ton of pictures, but we don't have a scanner so I don't know how to post them. So I just posted this picture of Vance instead. Anyway, the funniest part of the whole things was when the doctor said, "Well Alison, if this baby is a boy, then you're going to have to buy him a penis," ha ha! Don't worry, it's not a he/she. We're haveing a girl, hence the purple text!!! I can't believe it. I was totally in the 'boy' frame of mind. I just don't see myself with a little girl. But we are very excited! I didn't even have any solid girl names, just boys. That's going to be a lot of fun though.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Okay, I have been such a slacker about posting about this pregnancy. I guess there just hasn't been much to tell yet. Everything has been good. I've a bit More nauseous and tired than I was with Vance, and that part doesn't seem to be over quite yet. I'm almost 19 weeks according to the doctor, but my counter on the blog says I'm 20 weeks. Either way, I'm due February 11. I don't have any pics of my belly yet because I hardly see Darren and when I do, I forget to ask him to take some pics. But I will say that I am showing. I thought I would be huge because I popped out right away it seemed. But now I'm probably like I was with Vance. I could feel the movement a lot earlier though, at about 15 weeks, so that was cool. My goal is to work out the whole time so we'll see if I make it. I can't stand paying for my gym membership and not going, even if I hate it. The most exciting part happens tomorrow when we find out what we're having. I can't wait! I'll be sure to post about that.

Labor Day

This year Labor Day was special because I finally got to have some of my family at my house. Usually Darren and I are the couple that goes everywhere, so it was nice to have them here for once. Emily and her husband came down with their 3 kids, and my parents met us here. Our house wasn't the most ideal size for all of us, but we made it work. We had so much fun! Vance loved having all the kids around for built in entertainment. When we have company, I hardly hear from him bacause he's so happy! Next time, we need to get babysitters so we can have some adult time!! Here are just a few things we did together!

You can't tell, but we are actaully at the Shark Reaf Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay. Vance was in heaven and Ethan thought the fish were stinky!

Brittany and Taylor on the Choo Choo. I love this pic!

With all the kids it was hard to do a lot of running around so we did a bit of hanging out at my house. Doesn't Eddie look so excited! This is in our back yard. Grass would be nice but this kids don't seem to mind it too much. We had a kiddie pool and they thought we were at Sun Splash! Thanks for coming guys! I hope we get to see you again soon!

My 2 Boys!

I just had to post this because I think it is so adorable that they're matching. And this was just a cool time at the lake to take pictures. Vance is totally a water boy. I love my 2 boys!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm back!

Okay so it's been a while (2 months) since my last post. Our internet has been sketchy so everytime I tried to post, I would get cut off and looses it all. Finally I gave up, but now I hope we have the prob. fixed for good. Sorry if I lost touch with some of you. There's much to catch up on but I don't have time now. Just wanted to say hello!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fender Bender

My first car accident to date...........................hopefully my last!! I was met a friend and a new rec. center to take the boys swimming, and this is what I left with. I was reversing and I see this huge SUV coming at me. I stopped and slammed on the horn, but she couldn't hear over all of her kids. I heard a crunch and it was all over. At least it was totally NOT my fault and I am so thankful the woman who hit me was an honest person. She called her insurance right away and we're already getting it fixed on Monday. Luckily all the damage is on the door, so they'll just replace that. Vance was in the car, but thankfully on the other side. Basically, if I had to be in a wreck, this is the kind I would opt for. We'll have a rental car for probably over a week, anyone up for Canada???

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Visit to Holbrook

Peaches had Puppies!!
Vance's Ta - tor
Boys just love dirt
Swimming at the Holbrook Pool
What a cutie pie
Ready to Race

After Telluride, we were back in Holbrook for some more fun! And Vance couldn't get enough. If we left his shoes off, he would only go as far as the grass would take him, and my parents have A LOT of grass all around the house. So he would wake up, open the door, and just be outside all day long coming in only for drinks and food. Oh and the naps were so long there because he would tucker himself out in the sun. He absolutely loved being with his cousins Brayden and Treavor. Their fave was digging in the sandbox Grammie bought, but they also rode bikes, blew bubbles, played with the puppies, rode Grandmpa's 'tractor', went swimming, played on the hammock, you name it. It was a constant party and I really didn't want to come home back to the heat. This age with Vance right now is SO much fun and I am treasuring every moment before Baby #2 arrives.


Vance playing in Mountain Village in Telluride
Staking out our spot to watch the fireworks
Our Family
Okay, so I'm a little behind on 'updating.' We had a bit of a busy month but things have come to a hault finally. Where should I start. Well, first we moved in June from our appartment into a much more spacious house and we're loving it, especially Vance. He mostly loves the back yard, even though it's just the oh so lovely desert landscaping rocks. He also loves the playroom/loft we have here. The move went okay, better than our last move, thanks to all who helped us!! My mom came to help and brought her little dogs. I couldn't have done without her. The stress of the move and the pregnancy made me get sick, so I didn't feel like doing too much once we got over to the house. Then we left right away for Holbrook, then on to Telluride for the 4th of July. That was quite an adventure. We had never done anything like that with Vance before, and he surprisingly did great! Telluride was beautiful and the weather was amazing. I didn't want to leave, it was such a nice break. We didn't see too many fireworks because they started way after Vance's bedtime. We stayed for the first few then took the gondola back to our place. You could still see the show from the gondola though and it was quite magical. The next day, the whole gang went jeeping and Vance and I opted to stay in so he could catch up on his missed sleep from the night before. They had fun in the jeeps, and Vance and I had a great day just going on walks and playing. There was a concert and lots of free entertainment for the kids right outside our place. It was so much fun!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lake Junkie

We took Vance to the lake for the first time a couple weeks ago. I was so nervous, but he did great and we all had a blast. Looks like Vance may follow his father's footsteps and be a wakeboarder.

Nail Polish Disaster

Well Vance finally figured out how to get the nail polish open. I guess he was trying to paint his face like mommy does in the morning. This picture doesn't even show how bad it was. And I had no idea where to begin getting it off. At least he knows now that he doesn't like the taste of nail polish remover.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The other day I was looking for Vance all over the place. Our appartment is pretty small so I counldn't figure out where he could be hiding. Finally, I heard some clanking in the laundry room, and there he was, looking all adorable in the dryer. I've never seen something so cute coming out of the dryer.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rock and Roll Kid

Vance is currently taking his first class at the rec. center. We have so much fun. When he arrives, people say 'here's the dancer'. Anytime he hears any kind of a beat he starts moving and shaking. Even when a ceiling fan clanks he dances to the beat. We sings songs, run around with kids his age, play on the gym equipment (for kids), play with balls, and best of all - have bubble time. I love being a mom!

Monday, June 2, 2008


This was on our trip to Caye Caulker, Belize in Central America. It was my first time out of the country and it was crazy to see a 3rd world country. This island is so small, there aren't even any cars there, and people just walk arounsd barefoot. We didn't have Vance with us, and I was thankful for that since finding normal food was difficult. However, I was ready to go home after a couple of days just to see him .