Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Vance.............

Ever since we had Madison, my time with Vance has been at least cut in half. It makes me sad, but he has adjusted very nicely. He can entertain himself almost as much as he entertains me. The other day I was wondering where he was because I hadn't seen him in a while. There he was in the back yard just jabbering away to himself and drawing on his pad. He was out there for probably 10 minutes doing this. I thought it was so cute. Just sitting in nature looking for inspiration for his drawings. I love watching him grow!

Vance still has his food allergies and every time I think he has improved, he'll find a gold fish or lick my milky spoon from cereal and throw up again. It makes me so sad for him to see us eating normal food and know our normal food is his poison. But alas! I went to Whole Foods and found some waffles that Vance can eat. I didn't know if he would like them because 'special food' isn't the best tasting. But I poured on the syrup, and he was in HEAVEN. He ate that thing so fast. I was soo happy for him. Since then, he asks for waffles for every meal. I also found some chocolate chip cookies and pretzels that he can tolerate. Thank goodness for Whole Foods!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This was at the end of the session. It's hard being adorable!

We caught her sleeping with her fingers like this, so sweet!

I had to throw in a pic of Vance!

This is one of my favorites.

Another fave..........


And another fave.....okay, I love them all.

My friend came over last week and took these adorable pics. She says she needs more practice, but I think she did so good. I am thrilled to have these. Madison was just out the whole time, so we didn't get any awake pics. But that's okay - babies make funny awake faces. Thing are going good so far. Madison has something going on in her gut to where I can hear her stomach growling all the time. It's really loud and I think it makes her uncomfortable a lot. Every day is different, but today is going great. She's a really good baby except for the hours of 6 - 9 pm which I think must be her witching hours. I forgive her though because she is so dang precious. She could cry all day long if she wanted to.
And Vance is Vance. He has the most fun personality - just happy all the time so I have a hard time finding something to discipline him with. Nothing seems to phase him. And I am amazed and entertained by what comes out of his mouth everyday. He's getting more and more independent which is good and bad. Good because he will play by himself for longer periods of time, and bad because he gets into more mischief. Since we're home so much more now, he gets so excited to just go to Target - poor thing.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Madison is 3 weeks old!

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So I know 3 weeks doesn't sound that old, but to me it is already going way too fast. At her 2 week visit, Madison was 8 lbs. and 20.5 inches long. She has already gained 1 lb. and 11 oz. She is still very much a newborn, but I feel like she is changing before my eyes. I am just trying to enjoy all the precious moments I can before she's as big as Vance.