Friday, May 8, 2009

Madison is 3 months old.............

We have had a busy month! I can't touch on it all, but here is some of what Madison has experienced this month...........................

She had her first Easter, which we celebrated with the Shobe's at our house in Las Vegas
She started standing up on us a lot more

She became a little more aware of her crazy and loving brother. Whenever Vance sits by her like this he says "2 babies!" He is so sweet to her.

She became a little more attached to her mom
She started smiling a lot more
She met her Grandpa Taylor for the first time while we are up in Holbrook for the month. Darren is doing one of his clinical rotations up here.
We had her blessed up in Holbrook and she was the Belle of the Ball. We had almost all of the Shobe's and 2 of my brother's there with their families. It was a special day. We are falling more and more in love with our little Madison every day!

Madison at 2 months

Madison at 3 months (I forgot her little pony this time!)