Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Easter Time!

Well Easter this year for us was probably more adverterous than Christmas. For some reason, we were just in the mood for fun. We dyed eggs 2 days in a row in preparation for the big day. Then on Easter my mom came over to bring baskets, and they got baskets from Grammie Shobe too. It makes it so nice because we didn't have to buy one thing for Easter. We did an Easter egg hunt with just us, then one with the cousins. I hope in the midst of all the fun, we were able to instill the real purpose of Easter. Here is a snapshot of our Easter................

Vance was so proud of the eggs he dyed. He wanted to take them everywhere, even to bed. I had draw the line there.

Madison had her first jelly beans of Easter morning - I guess she liked them!

I thought our adorable flowers were the perfect place to take an Easter pic. Now I just need a really nice camera and a photographer to take better pictures for me.

Off to the canyon for an Easter egg hunt with the cousins.
Vance's favorite find? of course. He is obsessed with money. Both Grandma's forked out some change and even "a doller cash" as Vance described.

This was Madison sneaking candy away from her brother's basket. Doesn't she look like trouble? She is giving Vance a run for his money.

Easter evening was at my mom's house and she got the boys these super silly glasses. We had a ball with them.