Monday, September 14, 2009

We're back...................

So it's been a while. Madison is already 7 months old and doing great. She is so full of life and just a pure joy. Life is so much easier now than it was even just a month ago. Vance is coming up on his 3rd birthday and is having a ball. We have moved from Vegas to Holbrook and it has been a hard move, but we're doing good. Vance especially loves it here since he has experienced the thrill of the outdoors (at least until the weather permits). Darren is nearing the end of his graduation and is just trying to keep his sanity. He will be done in November - woo hoo! I'm so proud of him and it's gone quite fast. And me, I'm really enjoying having my family so close. My brother and his wife are here with their two boys and new baby girl, which works out so nicely for my kids. And of course my parents are right next door. I know this is going to be a great place to raise my kids. I feel so lucky to have this new life.
Here are some pictures to highlight a few events in the kids lives............
They say not to put Bumbo's on raised surfaces, and I found out why the hard way. Yeah, Madison somehow fell off the counter. I didn't see it happen, I just saw her there then next thing she was on the ground. It was horrible, but she was amazingly okay. She cried, but didn't even have tears. I will never do that again.

See - who needs a public pool?? This is just a small sample of the mischief Vance gets into up here in Holbrook. It truly is a child's playground up here!

Vance discovered mascara and he actually did okay. There was alot on his right lashes. He obviously spends way too much time with his mom!

Poor kid got all scraped up from falling off a table at the park. He has more bumps and bruises than ever from living up here.

He actually looks cute in mommies glasses

Vance with his cousins Brayden and Trevor. If only they were always this still.

Vance's first 3rd birthday party. We did one early since family was in town (he'll have another on his real birthday Sept. 20!!) Courtney, his sister in law had this amazing cake made for him and it was even allergen free just for him. Such a lucky boy.

Just relaxing in my briefs

She LOVES to eat! I have never seen a baby so into food as she is. Every time I eat, she just cries because she wants some. So far no sign of food allergies and I am so happy!

So cute!

Trouble waiting to happen

Madison 5 months old

Madison 6 months old
Madison 7 months old