Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Madison!

She got into mommie's make-up and put my favorite eyeshadow on her lips. I could tell she felt really pretty!

My baby turned 2 and it was a great time! Madison is so sweet that it doens't take much for her to be happy. I decided not to do a party this year, but we go lucky because the Shobe's and Courtney came to celebrate which made it really special. We went to Chuck-E-Cheese and then back home for a little party with cake and presents. Madison has recently discovered The Little Mermaid, she strolls through the house singing "ah ah ah, ah ah ah,......". It's adorable. So we made sure she got some mermaid toys, and she also adores Tinkerbell, who she smitten with when she got to meet her at Disneyland. She got some clothes and a little makeup kit complete with a blow dryer and flat iron just like mommie! She says, "mommie, I do make-ups, okay"?