Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vance and the Baby Abby

Okay I know these pictures are a little dark but there's a funny story that goes with them so I had to post them. My friend, Becca, came over with her new baby Abby and her husband the other night. First of all, Vance is obsessed with Becca. We saw ran into her once at Walmart and now every time we go, he says, "Becca, Becca," right when we walk through the doors. Well, we had Abby on the couch and he just wanted to lay right by her and kept giving her kisses. Then he started trying to hold her so we proped her in his lap and he immediately was so still. He had this look on his face like, "I can't belive this happening to me," and he didn't move an inch. It was so PRECIOUS!! As soon as we picked her up, he was back to his normal, dancing, crazy self. I can't WAIT to see him with our new little girl.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Belated Birthday Pics!

Vance turned 2 on September 20th. I just can't believe it. We had a nice little party for him with about 7 of his friends, which was a good crowd. We basically let the kids run wild for a couple hours since 2 year olds don't really like structure. My friend made the cake to go along with the Tonka Truck theme and it was so cute. She's really good. Unfortunately, Vance couldn't have that cake so we made one just for him. Even though he really didn't like his cake, we had a good laugh watching him spit it out all over. Poor thing!